• Damian Smith

The journey began back in the early 2000's

Back in the early to mid 2000's I had just finished uni and was doing a few art shows at cafes' and bars around Brisbane Australia. My influence at this time was very heavily based on animation and pop art. I had studied illustration at uni so I was feeling the story telling quite a lot and this came through in my work. The story telling has been an aspect I've gone back to explore again and again over the years. In this work I think I had just finished watching a lot of Samurai Jack, know it? And was focusing on trying to convey as much emotion in a short series of panels as possible, evoking the sense of a story and allowing the viewers imagination to run with it. This piece is called without hope, it's a bit of a desperate story and as a kid in my early 20's a little bit emo, which is quite the opposite of my generally positive demeanour. The photo quality certainly had a lot of room for improvement, I was using a very basic camera at the time to document my work and little idea about image quality and print reproduction at the time. Shortly after finishing my university studies I moved over to the United Kingdom where I lived for a little while... But that's a story for another day.


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