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About a Big 
Dinosaur in the dark

About the book – This instalment in the ‘About a BIG’ follows the journey of a young boy as he conquers his fear of the dark, discovering that the things that seem frightening are often not as daunting as they appear. One evening, as he conducts his routine monster check in his room, the boy's attention is drawn to something outside his window. Despite his usual apprehension, he chooses courage over fear and embarks on an investigative adventure. To his surprise, he encounters a dinosaur, ogre, dragon, and a furry winged beast.

As the night unfolds, the boy realizes that these creatures are not to be feared; rather, they enjoy dancing and playing just like him. Together, they share moments of joy and laughter. Eventually, as weariness sets in, the boy suggests they all retire for the night. The next morning, when his parents inquire about his sleep, the boy enthusiastically recounts his magical encounter, revealing that the monsters he once feared are, in reality, not frightening at all.


Inspiration – When I do bed time routine with my 3 year old son he always asks me to make up a story. When I ask him what kind of story he would like, he always starts with, “About a big…” and most of the time he requests a dinosaur. I treasure this time with my son and I wanted to freeze the memories by illustrating some of the stories into children’s picture books.

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